DG @janwoerner @esa and @heleneHK to view Esrange unique potential from above #Esrange50 pic.twitter.com/RXlFQMYs6B — Kristian Brangenfeld (@KristianBrangen) October 22, 2016

Congratulations Esrange on 50 years of supporting space #Esrange50 https://t.co/6MG1JWr62O — ESA (@esa) October 22, 2016

@DrPetra check out https://t.co/VYSGaHKocO and Teachers' resources https://t.co/USyAZgpOLl — ESA (@esa) October 22, 2016

@zulubunsen Thank you. We got the data from nominal descent phase, vital test data for future Mars missions — ESA (@esa) October 22, 2016

#OTD 22 Oct 2001, #15years ago, @esa's Proba-1 launched @ESA_Tech @ESA_EO https://t.co/yeuer0BZTX pic.twitter.com/fVCgMs87qK — ESA space history (@ESA_History) October 22, 2016

L-24: Practising a #Soyuz docking with @Space_Station. This is the relaxed version with jeans, but still a very focused look! pic.twitter.com/cEZKPWR8JG — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) October 22, 2016

@Harkaway All data during nominal part of descent retrieved & being analysed, vital test for future Mars landings https://t.co/QN4BqV7xIR — ESA (@esa) October 22, 2016

Our #space week in images – with #ExoMars @astro_timpeake #kathmandu and more https://t.co/d0iXJTJJpX pic.twitter.com/owamz0187n — ESA (@esa) October 22, 2016