Training on @ESA’s Columbus Laboratory, a research facility aboard the @Space_Station, at the @ESA_EAC this week. — David Saint-Jacques (@Astro_DavidS) July 26, 2017

#beprepared — ESA (@esa) July 26, 2017

Today's #Soyuz rollout now on @YouTube, check out @astro_paolo #VITAmission playlist — ESA (@esa) July 26, 2017

Heavy-duty planetary rover, details on the RATrover trials in Tenerife here — ESA (@esa) July 26, 2017

You've seen #Soyuz as a whole, get to know its parts with latest infographics #VITAmission Download & explore here: — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) July 26, 2017

Has @CassiniSaturn found universal driver for prebiotic chemistry at Titan? Exciting study by @RTDesai01 et al: — ESA Science (@esascience) July 26, 2017

Great video from @roscosmos of this morning's #Soyuz rollout, now ready for @astro_paolo, @AstroKomrade and @Ryazanskiy_ISS — ESA (@esa) July 26, 2017

More images of this morning's #Soyuz rollout to #launch pad in our gallery #Vitamission — ESA (@esa) July 26, 2017

A new set of #timelapse videos shows the power of #ProbaV rapid-repeat views to trace gradual shifts in #vegetation. — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) July 26, 2017