@vagabondo5591 we will post replay of @janwoerner media briefing on our video gallery https://t.co/mboHRnBTJp — ESA (@esa) January 17, 2017

What is #SmallGEO? Find out more in tomorrow's #media briefing – watch live from 11:30 CET. Questions? #askSmallGEO https://t.co/NE7h4iMcHi pic.twitter.com/rr6LmlgRmc — ESA (@esa) January 17, 2017

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#Science is fun, especially when you are part of it! Being weightless in free fall, a thin string can easily redirect you. pic.twitter.com/cy4VnxAKwB — Peggy Whitson (@AstroPeggy) January 17, 2017

Do your kids ever ask why we have day and night on planet #Earth ? @Paxi_ESAKids explains https://t.co/v4OCwtUofw — ESA (@esa) January 17, 2017

Father of US #GPS system comes to #ESTEC to meet Europe's #Galileo team:https://t.co/lAXPC1hvXY pic.twitter.com/nOfR2m7q6A — ESA Technology (@ESA_Tech) January 17, 2017

A snowy #Canada competes with the Sahara with its mix of geometric shapes. Dominant colour here.. white! https://t.co/Gx2fCjGLMx pic.twitter.com/w2BT7cM7tJ — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 17, 2017

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