#Sentinel2 captures the Wolfe Creek Crater in #Australia in today's #EarthfromSpace image https://t.co/Rkx8OgDUdn @ExploreParksWA #EarthArt pic.twitter.com/jGJTsqnT04 — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) December 9, 2016

#EarthFromSpace this week takes us to #Australia's Wolfe Creek crater https://t.co/GGKvwxbsz3 — ESA (@esa) December 9, 2016

Join us at 10:00 CET for #EarthfromSpace – featuring Wolfe Creek crater in #Australia seen by Europe's #Sentinel2 https://t.co/OABw1YlbBt pic.twitter.com/1ZeT7wsVET — ESA (@esa) December 9, 2016

#OTD 9 December 1977 #ESA's #Meteosat-1 weather satellite returns its first image @ESA_EO @eumetsat https://t.co/PAslXHYYkb pic.twitter.com/zRcLGS1ezJ — ESA space history (@ESA_History) December 9, 2016

Festival of light in #Lyon! The photo is not the best–the city was shining too bright! đŸ˜‰ #FeteDesLumieres @OnlyLyon https://t.co/0yZi3pGdwk pic.twitter.com/kQAmdK2Hon — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) December 8, 2016

We are so very sorry to hear this news. https://t.co/WujStf2SmJ — ESA (@esa) December 8, 2016

Teaching an old satellite new tricks: @ESA_XMM mission controllers try something never before attempted https://t.co/rSIxCVgJJV #XMM #xray pic.twitter.com/falQdWuciO — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) December 8, 2016