Over 5000 @ESA_Rosetta OSIRIS images, taken Feb-May 2016 at comet #67P, are now in the archive! Browse latest additions in albums 26-28: #Rosetta #ICYMI — ESA Science (@esascience) […]

An interview with ESA astronaut @astro_luca, on science in the European Columbus laboratory, a longing to go back to the @Space_Station, and on impossible dreams. Watch full interview here: […]

Some truly exceptional people are coming down to Space Rocks London on April 22nd. Give it up for @esa astrophysicist and session one panelist @Space_Mog! #spacerocks — Space […]

The ESA Member States provide ESA's funding. ESA membership is separate from EU membership, it is possible to be an ESA member and not EU, and vice versa. — ESA […]

#ICYMI This week our #ExoMars @ESA_TGO completed its last aerobraking orbit at #Mars and will soon be ready to begin sniffing for methane. Details: — ESA (@esa) February […]

Did you see the fireball last night over BE & NL at 00:11 UTC (01:11 CET)? You can report your sighting to @IMOmeteors via This video includes 3 clips […]

Our week in #space images features 2.5 km peaks on #Saturn's B rings, sea ice changes in the #BeringStrait & @Astro_Alex in training with his crewmatesMore 📷: — […]