Looking down through a window, I see our robotic arm looking up! It seems to be enjoying flying 400km above the Earth too. #Canadarm2 pic.twitter.com/2oZUVjGpqh — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November […]

A seamless chain of innovation to bring new ideas into orbit with @ESA_Tech R&D #ESACM16 Download Brochure: https://t.co/Fo9NKAly5j pic.twitter.com/lBIlLud5nD — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016

VID ESA/Euronews: Could humankind deflect an incoming #asteroid? ESA's #AIMmission will help to find out (8 langs) https://t.co/uUu0NW4rv2 — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016

@daveyesfan @esascience yes UK is a Member State, and Science is a mandatory programme https://t.co/IV0vbxv4vK — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016

.@AstroPeggy working in the US lab. As a scientist and a frequent flyer, she feels right at home on the @Space_Station! pic.twitter.com/hlcQpccqK9 — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November 25, 2016

ESA delivers space science all Europeans can be proud of – @ESAscience at #ESACM16 Read more: https://t.co/ErgX9TYA8i pic.twitter.com/kyLl6npjbg — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016

Full list of our Young Graduate opportunities here #YGT https://t.co/RpjiDvhwZY #SpaceUpBCN https://t.co/yPMKcYZnae — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016

@UlrichBeinert @esaoperations @astro_timpeake @Thom_astro Yes, in UTC as aboard @Space_Station — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016

Wishing everyone @SpaceUpBCN a great weekend #SpaceUpBCN https://t.co/I4BZ0TkB7j https://t.co/TQOD7noLKS — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016

VID (5 langs): United space in Europe. ESA Ministerial Council 1-2 Dec in Lucerne #ESACM16 https://t.co/rJZFY5FVFs — ESA (@esa) November 26, 2016