Last day of @ESA Ministerial Council in #Lucerne: a peek over our shoulders, looking towards a #UnitedSpaceInEurope #ESACM16 pic.twitter.com/L9VqHFSVYb — Jan Woerner (@janwoerner) December 2, 2016

NOW: While you wait, take a tour of Switzerland with #Sentinel2 in our #EarthfromSpace programme #ESACM16 https://t.co/KkGDQxVnIp pic.twitter.com/bHDBz08GU4 — ESA (@esa) December 2, 2016

@ArnaudVicari coming soon. For now space shops at ESA establishments — ESA (@esa) December 2, 2016

@raayar send us your question or contact https://t.co/nRDlCtZw46 — ESA (@esa) December 2, 2016

Today's #media briefing at close of Ministerial Council will be streamed live ~ 13:30 CET, time tbc. Follow #ESACM16 https://t.co/dzeufCdN4j pic.twitter.com/NgJUaGbKRY — ESA (@esa) December 2, 2016

A runaway star lights the Flaming Star Nebula in this cosmic scene. Otherwise known as IC 405, the Flaming Star Nebula’s billowing interstellar clouds of gas and dust lie about […]

@Wallsy2k @astro_timpeake @ESA_EAC oops that was the ESAC address, here is EAC https://t.co/SVLhpTn0KZ — ESA (@esa) December 1, 2016

@Wallsy2k you can message Tim using @astro_timpeake or write via the ESA astronaut centre @ESA_EAC https://t.co/mvdB0z20DN — ESA (@esa) December 1, 2016