Congrats to @ESA, @AirbusDS and @NASA team for successful 2nd Solar Array test at @NASAglenn Plum Brook Station Space Power Facility pic.twitter.com/wvZUmeUkNQ — Mark Kirasich (@MarkKirasich) November 29, 2016

We're getting ready for ESA Ministerial Council in Lucerne, 1-2 Dec – follow #ESACM16 and watch https://t.co/Gnbf5DXlWI pic.twitter.com/vYRK088W0l — ESA (@esa) November 29, 2016

Setting up MARES, great #science, but a beast of a machine! Luckily, weightlessness helps a lot… https://t.co/pzV1evnnkZ pic.twitter.com/lEcV2cXkUG — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November 29, 2016

Visit of HM King Philippe of the Belgians to @ESA_Tech centre #ESTEC today https://t.co/Zpts30SxUI pic.twitter.com/xtMxPMQfM4 — ESA (@esa) November 29, 2016

HM Philippe of the Belgians meeting Belgian ESA staff during #ESTEC visit pic.twitter.com/JxrGMfwxBp — ESA Technology (@ESA_Tech) November 29, 2016

First views of #Mars by #ExoMars Orbiter @ESA_TGO @ExoMars_CaSSIS instrument hint at results to come https://t.co/VwkN4YXOh5 pic.twitter.com/3rHrHns20R — ESA (@esa) November 29, 2016

HM King Philippe of the Belgians shown mockup of @Space_Station during #ESTEC visit pic.twitter.com/z7Tr1ptmKn — ESA Technology (@ESA_Tech) November 29, 2016

Great first #Mars flyover movie from #ExoMars created with images taken by @ESA_TGO @ExoMars_CaSSIS last week! https://t.co/SOnadJlJeN — ESA (@esa) November 29, 2016

VID: ESA Ministerial Council 2016 – the next era of #space #ESACM16 #unitedspaceineurope https://t.co/PY5ECpHLIT — ESA (@esa) November 29, 2016

Expanding humankind's knowledge our home, the #Universe. Read more on @ESAspaceflight proposals for #ESACM16 https://t.co/xLyn3ZxItH pic.twitter.com/MD9TfmDLrq — ESA (@esa) November 29, 2016