9 Oct: 7 days to @ESA_EDM separation and 10 days to arrival and landing on #Mars! #ExoMars — ExoMars orbiter (@ESA_TGO) October 9, 2016

Sharing dawn’s twilight with the Moon on September 29, Mercury was about as far from the Sun as it can wander, the innermost planet close to its maximum elongation in […]

@JBDALLARA @9GAG the nearest magnetic field — ESA (@esa) October 8, 2016

Tonight is International Observe the Moon Night! Here are some of the best images of the moon from space station: https://t.co/uWRZJkQfrF pic.twitter.com/qmpnXgammn — Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) October 8, 2016

@CandiSpillard ESA membership is independent of EC and UK is a Member State of ESA. — ESA (@esa) October 8, 2016

Hope you've all had a great #space day at #SpaceUpIE https://t.co/FkGCOLUf9Z — ESA (@esa) October 8, 2016

8 Oct: 8 days to @ESA_EDM separation and 11 days to arrival and landing on #Mars! #ExoMars — ExoMars orbiter (@ESA_TGO) October 8, 2016

@woodzmeister great image from #openESTEC — ESA (@esa) October 8, 2016

From #cometlanding to #marslanding – our week in images https://t.co/kCbkHyDvGC pic.twitter.com/LHQLm4zJSJ — ESA (@esa) October 8, 2016

Gorgeous spiral galaxy M33 seems to have more than its fair share of glowing hydrogen gas. A prominent member of the local group of galaxies, M33 is also known as […]