Run your code in space – #AstroPi continues with @Thom_astro on his #missionProxima https://t.co/33rWs75kWu — ESA (@esa) October 5, 2016

What surrounds the famous Eagle Nebula? The inside of the Eagle Nebula contains eggs — evaporating gaseous globules — that typically reside in tremendous pillars of gas and dust and […]

.@arianespace has decided to postpone tonight's #VA231 launch until tomorrow 5 Oct https://t.co/8cmRBtxXxW — ESA (@esa) October 4, 2016

A parachute for #Mars on show at #openESTEC – @ESA_ExoMars entry, descent & landing module, Schiaparelli @ESA_EDM https://t.co/MCSrWau94d pic.twitter.com/osjdALgowY — ESA (@esa) October 4, 2016

Tonight's #SpaceWeek16 event is a public talk by Prof @markmccaughrean from @esa on @ESA_Rosetta mission https://t.co/9D7pxOdokU pic.twitter.com/q7TuXNl9xE — TrinityCollegeDublin (@tcddublin) October 4, 2016

One day before liftoff, #Ariane5 has rolled out to its ELA-3 launch zone. Read the mission update: https://t.co/i57cjBbh70 pic.twitter.com/qbZeEFJz9z — Arianespace (@Arianespace) October 3, 2016

In 10 mins: In #EarthfromSpace special at 14:00 CEST, satellites for sustainable cities #sustainabledevelopment https://t.co/1LFqMy8rpY — ESA (@esa) October 4, 2016

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@teetee_abz @astro_timpeake There will not be a scheduled autograph session. Enjoy the events nevertheless! — ESA (@esa) October 4, 2016

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