@katen62 details in #RosettaLegacy — ESA (@esa) October 5, 2016

@marcodpaolo indeed the #RosettaLegacy will live on, but the competition itself closes Friday, as we get ready for #Marslanding — ESA (@esa) October 5, 2016

@Leaving_Orbit you are welcome to contribute to #RosettaLegacy — ESA (@esa) October 5, 2016

ESA astronaut @Thom_astro invites you to Run your code in space with #AstroPi #missionProxima — ESA (@esa) October 5, 2016

How has #Rosetta influenced you? Last chance to post on #RosettaLegacy tumblr until Fri 7Oct 18:00CEST & win prizes — ESA (@esa) October 5, 2016

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#TalkingTechnology – how applying Einstein's theory to Galileo #satnav paid off — ESA (@esa) October 5, 2016

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What surrounds the famous Eagle Nebula? The inside of the Eagle Nebula contains eggs — evaporating gaseous globules — that typically reside in tremendous pillars of gas and dust and […]

.@arianespace has decided to postpone tonight's #VA231 launch until tomorrow 5 Oct — ESA (@esa) October 4, 2016