Good choice… although not a planet 🙂 — ESA (@esa) August 17, 2017

Which is your favourite planet in the Solar System? Visit them all on our Journey into Space this summer: — Eden Project (@edenproject) August 16, 2017

Fyodor Yurchikhin and @SergeyISS are set to start a #spacewalk today at 16:45 CEST. Live coverage via — ESA (@esa) August 17, 2017

There is also a special page summarising where you can buy the patches 🙂 — ESA (@esa) August 17, 2017

More infographics available here, and more on the way! — ESA (@esa) August 17, 2017

How multiple @esa & @nasa spacecraft tracked a solar eruption through the Solar System: #ICYMI — ESA Science (@esascience) August 17, 2017

#Sicily shining at night… @astro_luca how many arancini are you eating? 😆 #VITAmission #Italy #EarthfromSpace — Paolo Nespoli (@astro_paolo) August 16, 2017

That would be the one labelled BEAM – which stands for Bigelow Expandable Activity Module — ESA (@esa) August 17, 2017

Just a usual precaution in case any small particles worked their way loose during the journey – wouldn't want to get them in your eyes! — ESA (@esa) August 17, […]

Just in case any small particles are floating around inside the Dragon when they open the hatch. A usual precaution. — ESA (@esa) August 17, 2017