Follow @esaoperations for updates on #LisaPathfinder finale https://t.co/VO5CjDjJZH — ESA (@esa) July 11, 2017

Take a tour of the @Space_Station's European Columbus laboratory with @astro_timpeake, recorded last year. Lots of @ISS_Research done here! pic.twitter.com/I7F5WXysTX — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) July 11, 2017

The ESA Summer Teacher Workshop began today – teachers find out how space can be used to teach STEM in their classrooms #esaspaceteachers pic.twitter.com/qY7PxveXPa — ESA Education (@ESA__Education) July 11, […]

From @space_station, the contrast between dense metropolises and more rural areas is striking #istanbul #worldpopulationday #ProximArchives pic.twitter.com/WSp9WQ5hga — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) July 11, 2017

Due to orbit there is only a slim chance the astronauts will see it https://t.co/QpfyxnlfQT — ESA (@esa) July 11, 2017

#SpaceAppCamp 2017 in Frascati. Apply alone or find team members https://t.co/cgd8VZkwPa . Sign up by 24 July 2017 https://t.co/wjkHpfK2D8 pic.twitter.com/weu3qr0x3o — Copernicus Masters (@CopernicusEMC) July 11, 2017

Wore my new #Sokol #spacesuit first time today at the #Zvezda factory. 2 hr pressurized fit check and you get to know it well… #HORIZONS pic.twitter.com/8iQgcFNjI4 — Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) […]

More pix of Expedition 52 @astro_paolo, @Ryazanskiy_ISS, & @AstroKomrade press conference and Red Square visit: https://t.co/zW83HaMIL3 pic.twitter.com/MJBmOYqoIr — NASA HQ PHOTO (@nasahqphoto) July 11, 2017

#OTD 50 years ago 11 July 1967, 2nd European Space Council (Ministerial Conference) takes place in Rome to set up European space programme pic.twitter.com/Qk8qw21Dqh — ESA space history (@ESA_History) July […]