Robotics work completes first part of station power upgrade. Pair of spacewalks scheduled to complete the work. https://t.co/MlHkujnleb pic.twitter.com/LtfaoJo7b3 — Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) January 3, 2017

@GCAstroOutreach noted! watch this space in 2017 — ESA (@esa) January 3, 2017

@Mad_Science_Guy @JAXA_en follow our @ESAcleanspace account for regular updates — ESA (@esa) January 3, 2017

#Sentinel2-B will soon be sent to Kourou. #EarthfromSpace takes us back to the cleanroom to talk about the mission https://t.co/SiWVL85rLz — ESA (@esa) January 3, 2017

White clouds on brown rocks: like icing on a cake #Proxima https://t.co/GYxjAO3h4x pic.twitter.com/T9lamypy4t — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 3, 2017

Our most viewed Space Sci Image of the Week in 2016 was ‘Red Planet welcomes #ExoMars’. Full archive: https://t.co/igx7XHMcsN #ICYMI pic.twitter.com/e2SFhTTVZP — ESA Science (@esascience) January 3, 2017

‘Clean slate’ for @esascience image of the week 2017 https://t.co/O8jBj9udSY pic.twitter.com/sVRroQ9DLN — ESA (@esa) January 3, 2017

It's 2017 and very soon @astro_timpeake's Soyuz will go on display here at the Museum https://t.co/pxNQ2djlih pic.twitter.com/3pF23wCH75 — Science Museum (@sciencemuseum) January 3, 2017