Sokol suit fitting and visit to #Soyuz – double check. @astro_paolo & Exp 52/53 crew mates just 2 weeks from launch #VITAmission @ASI_spazio pic.twitter.com/g77R0ADN2E — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) July 17, […]

Follow @esaoperations for updates on final #LisaPathfinder operations. More info: https://t.co/towAVVON4c https://t.co/EdBVCnnFJ3 — ESA (@esa) July 17, 2017

Dancing with @CassiniSaturn in #grandfinale https://t.co/4akjbu5Sk3 pic.twitter.com/xZcsOOWpvd — ESA (@esa) July 17, 2017

Check out our video on Proba-3, the world's first precision formation flying space mission, with mm-scale control: https://t.co/8esqDV6lpZ — ESA Technology (@ESA_Tech) July 17, 2017

#OTD 17 July 1991 launch of #ERS-1 on #Ariane44L V44 – 1st satellite of #ESA's European Remote Sensing series @ESA_EO @Arianespace pic.twitter.com/Ub24zyHU9Q — ESA space history (@ESA_History) July 17, 2017

#Copernicus has currently 🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰in orbit – #happyemojiday😊 — Copernicus EU (@CopernicusEU) July 17, 2017

#ImageOfTheWeek extra: our new @JUICEmission poster! #Jupiter https://t.co/HycFYrnlJx pic.twitter.com/l0tftNM85C — ESA Science (@esascience) July 17, 2017

Our ground stations go dancing with @CassiniSaturn https://t.co/CB1Eg0gnNU — ESA (@esa) July 17, 2017

#Media invited to see #Sentinel5 Precursor satellite on 20 July @AirbusSpace, Stevenage, UK https://t.co/TGfsxNQgcn pic.twitter.com/KMYkwDVTGJ — ESA (@esa) July 17, 2017

.@CopernicusEU is benefitting #Africa’s #Sahel region by estimating #biomass and #WaterAvailability for #livestock: https://t.co/0teDLvPB84 pic.twitter.com/l3ksxXew1T — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) July 16, 2017