Who's your friend @astro_paolo? https://t.co/tJDeGoCVYp pic.twitter.com/lZHDgNmzVg — ESA (@esa) July 23, 2017

#MirrorMirror… What does #3Dprinting have to do with #Sentinel5P's #TROPOMI instrument? Follow the link to discover:https://t.co/68UzecQJAW pic.twitter.com/EeMwEWjeZY — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) July 23, 2017

Mercury had never been seen like this before. In 2008, the robotic MESSENGER spacecraft buzzed past Mercury for the second time and imaged terrain mapped previously only by comparatively crude […]

Well yoga poses sure are easier without gravity. Of course @AstroPeggy can probably do this on the ground. 😀 She’s a #SpaceNinja. pic.twitter.com/zIpZnbPi1h — Jack Fischer (@Astro2fish) July 22, 2017

Saturday but it's not a garage sale! I got all my items back from space. Good memories, and lots to hand over to friends & organisations pic.twitter.com/kpvVDi3Vky — Thomas Pesquet […]

Our Soyuz spacecraft going through final assembly steps before being attached to the top of the rocket.https://t.co/zHwXsY65NM — Randy Bresnik (@AstroKomrade) July 22, 2017

How many astronauts does it take to plant a tree? An entire crew😁 @Ryazanskiy_ISS & I happily helped @AstroKomrade plant his own astro-tree! pic.twitter.com/FtpYCIzHR5 — Paolo Nespoli (@astro_paolo) July 22, […]

Mastering winds with #Aeolus https://t.co/rESJsphnMl #weather — ESA (@esa) July 22, 2017