The delta of Saloum in Senegal, you can tell it is full of life from up here, but also a fragile ecosystem pic.twitter.com/P7foVWx2Zg — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) April 21, 2017

The Exp 51 crew is waiting for a space delivery mission after welcoming two new crewmates Thursday. https://t.co/LCk9xUkECk pic.twitter.com/3ag7rMnZGM — Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) April 21, 2017

Call for a sustainable future in space – findings of #spacedebris2017https://t.co/4MnXvkb165 pic.twitter.com/gqoK7C80pS — ESA (@esa) April 21, 2017

Fyodor has been here before too, but flying to space never gets old!! pic.twitter.com/6k1I8fWOIG — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) April 21, 2017

Our #CareersatESA team are in #Bern for International Career Day! Come ask us about careers in the space industry!https://t.co/Z9mKPRnVBU pic.twitter.com/TGzW1Ezxvb — ESA (@esa) April 21, 2017

Thanks to all who watched #spacedebris2017 with us and sent questions to #askESA , we'll try to answer the rest in the course of the day https://t.co/smMpQZKZwG — ESA (@esa) […]

LIVE: DG @janwoerner and Minister @brigittezypries now taking questions at #spacedebris2017 – #askESA https://t.co/fsMQTQwlr4 pic.twitter.com/HNvUxgtoS2 — ESA (@esa) April 21, 2017

LIVE: Now speaking at #spacedebris2017 – Minister @brigittezypriesQuestions? #askESA https://t.co/5s9fZiumRi pic.twitter.com/7P7pDSxhEu — ESA (@esa) April 21, 2017

Now speaking at #spacedebris2017 – DG @janwoerner Questions? #askESA https://t.co/fsMQTQwlr4 — ESA (@esa) April 21, 2017

@GM2DBW World technical experts are gathered at #spacedebris2017 – feel free to post your technical questions using #askESA — ESA (@esa) April 21, 2017