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As friends around the world see in the #NewYear , there's still time to send them an out-of-this-world greeting https://t.co/RUqkxTaXCJ pic.twitter.com/3Mu9RSKlaZ — ESA (@esa) December 31, 2016

#OTD 31 December 1975 #Ireland signs the #ESA Convention and becomes ESA's 11th Member State https://t.co/xgRkyBD7jN pic.twitter.com/774IYb81WH — ESA space history (@ESA_History) December 31, 2016

Space hamburger: tortilla, rehydrated beef, fresh onion from #HTV6, @ISS_Research lettuce & sauce. Tasted like heaven, flew like an angel 😉 https://t.co/uIaeGWEkZj — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) December 30, 2016

As @CassiniSaturn spacecraft dives deeper into its final months at Saturn, we’ve selected some memorable pics. Look: https://t.co/1dGFOoNIMg pic.twitter.com/BtIU9BSUJb — NASA (@NASA) December 30, 2016

Let's take a last look back at the highlights of 2016 https://t.co/od6G5WxvuP — ESA (@esa) December 30, 2016

An island like no other: butterfly wings of #Guadeloupe. Even from 400 km above I am reminded of the great times I had there. #FridayIsland pic.twitter.com/MixRiRMoxX — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) […]

@RomainCousin vous avez raison — ESA (@esa) December 30, 2016

Kick off a New Year with our #January #Uprint calendar https://t.co/SYWN0W6np3 pic.twitter.com/lEmSbaVWJi — ESA (@esa) December 30, 2016

Not every day do you see all the #Alps in one glance. Well, except on the @Space_Station, of course 😉 https://t.co/SBifmQyJiR #Proxima pic.twitter.com/Kc82RSTn6E — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) December 30, 2016

#ICYMI #MannequinChallenge @Space_Station ! https://t.co/VQ6cRDCirM — ESA (@esa) December 30, 2016