A city whose name is well-known beyond the French borders: St Tropez! Facing Ste Maxime and with its back to Cogolin https://t.co/GyyrIpMKVK pic.twitter.com/fZxQYShZpZ — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) March 15, 2017

A 'toast' for #Sentinel2 B as it delivers its first images incl #Brindisi in Italy! #sentinel2Go @CopernicusEU https://t.co/EPHr57iyav pic.twitter.com/46pGIjKXrF — ESA (@esa) March 15, 2017



ENERGY is fascinating @ISS_Research with many steps–it's not easy to measure exactly how much energy you consume & spend in a week! #science pic.twitter.com/sdn8Vd6VnS — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) March 15, […]

@hoyd @AstroSamantha nerdy and proud — ESA (@esa) March 15, 2017