.@Hispasat #H36W-1 is the first mission to use ESA and OHB System AG’s new #smallGEO satellite platform, developed thru the ARTES programme pic.twitter.com/aNnL3432hH — ESA ARTES (@esa_artes) January 27, 2017

#OTD 50 years ago 1967 1st international treaty on outer space affairs opened for signature @UNOOSA @NASAhistory https://t.co/iFpyNLKpnc pic.twitter.com/kxMw3ZZgXa — ESA space history (@ESA_History) January 27, 2017

Tonight's #smallGEO launch on #VS16 is the first time a #Soyuz will lift a satellite to geostationary transfer orbit from Europe’s Spaceport https://t.co/ddq5Cw441N — ESA ARTES (@esa_artes) January 27, 2017

Our #smallGEO – small platform, big future https://t.co/F020w7oYrm — ESA (@esa) January 27, 2017

On final countdown for #Soyuz #VS16 with #SmallGEO and @Hispasat 36W-1Watch: https://t.co/IIsAL3rlem https://t.co/XsBy7kGCYW — ESA (@esa) January 27, 2017

Watch the launch of our #smallGEO platform atop #Soyuz from French Guiana. Streaming starts tonight at 00:46 GMT https://t.co/IIsAL3IW5U pic.twitter.com/uKg0xjDjWD — ESA (@esa) January 27, 2017

Comet Movie of the Week: Sungrazer comet SOHO-2143 in @USNRL's LASCO C3 on @ESA/@NASA SOHO. [More info and #science in replies] pic.twitter.com/7KpHN6BESP — Karl Battams (@SungrazerComets) January 27, 2017

Want to know more about this week’s #Soyuz mission? Download the #VS16 launch kit for complete details: https://t.co/BcjQW4sNqR pic.twitter.com/qA31TWWAoR — Arianespace (@Arianespace) January 26, 2017