@top1percentile livestreaming of separation tomorrw & landing 19th, details: https://t.co/xPVTf9U5ol — ESA (@esa) October 15, 2016

What better way to end the week than put on your spacesuit w/ an ammonia emergency mask on! The crew of Soyuz 49S wishes you a good weekend! pic.twitter.com/sAoHR58LT3 — […]

A busy day for @astro_timpeake with visits to @McrSciFest, @BBCNewsround and @cbbc. pic.twitter.com/8EArnxvT8Q — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 15, 2016

Great to have @astro_timpeake trailblaze #msf16. If you missed out on tickets you can watch his visit here https://t.co/EQhZp2viEQ pic.twitter.com/5j4kZ6KH3w — Manchester Sci Fest (@McrSciFest) October 15, 2016

He hopes to return to space soon. @astro_timpeake chats to us about his time on the #ISS #msf16 pic.twitter.com/1tPJ8uBfIl — Ricky Boleto (@rickyboleto) October 15, 2016

On stage this morning @msimanchester – @astro_timpeake sharing mission #Principia with an excited crowd from #msf16 Thanks, #Manchester @esa pic.twitter.com/yEiL6gnHMg — UK Space Agency (@spacegovuk) October 15, 2016

.@astro_timpeake in #Manchester here on stage with @BBCNewsround @rickyboleto Ricky and @LeahBoleto #mediacityuk pic.twitter.com/SSmRTn8zpM — ESA (@esa) October 15, 2016

Day 3 of @astro_timpeake's #Principia postflight tour underway in #Manchester @McrSciFest. Watch live #msf16: https://t.co/2Olm9pYvRC pic.twitter.com/4hogqhsyr7 — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 15, 2016

At ESOC today: @ESA_TGO mission team checks-out spacecraft health in prep for @ESA_EDM separation 16.10 #ExoMars https://t.co/njE738h0HD pic.twitter.com/Bdc6y85vZL — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 15, 2016

@astrognome @ESA_EDM live updates and live streaming of key moments such as separation and landing. Details: https://t.co/xPVTf9U5ol — ESA (@esa) October 15, 2016