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What would it take to journey to a new galaxy? Watch our new @esa series to find out! https://t.co/eqLpIHrink — Mass Effect (@masseffect) March 17, 2017

Article explaining these lines from @NASAEarth : https://t.co/hUQEtbJDon (via @icey_mark) https://t.co/byzw4mRa3t — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) March 17, 2017

Discover how atmospheric #pollution is measured by #satellites with ESA @euronews (8 langs) https://t.co/LnApZGSDDN — ESA (@esa) March 17, 2017

#Science just got prettier: new ESA project makes astronauts' photos of #aurora scientifically usable https://t.co/ZRBkKL12fM pic.twitter.com/7Y5ClzzFUh — ESA (@esa) March 17, 2017

What are volatiles and why should we look for them on the Moon? More on the #ESAMoonGuide: https://t.co/bvN7LvE2SB pic.twitter.com/rPLd1mm5Jw — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) March 17, 2017

Minimalist snow art in Russia. I cannot explain these km-long parallel lines https://t.co/o8reRsmhie pic.twitter.com/Nc9cQEc7wu — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) March 17, 2017

Follow the joint opening session for #SwarmMission and #CryoSat Science Meetings live from #Banff Canada on 20 March https://t.co/FSJxxvsRnk pic.twitter.com/dSTAW38BDf — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) March 17, 2017

Two more #spacewalks for @Thom_astro https://t.co/hjaCfj3pLV pic.twitter.com/FBMLW8h8k4 — ESA (@esa) March 17, 2017