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Our six-legged suntracker flies on a #Dragon this afternoon w @spacex (correct link) https://t.co/iBNw4033qx pic.twitter.com/saXEk5TAD6 — ESA (@esa) February 18, 2017

@SpicyManWithPen oops, thanks — ESA (@esa) February 18, 2017

Our six-legged suntracker flies on a #Dragon this afternoon https://t.co/SudYBMPXfs pic.twitter.com/hFh8XSN2vm — ESA (@esa) February 18, 2017

A look back at our week in images https://t.co/SudYBMPXfs pic.twitter.com/bWN1o0HsEw — ESA (@esa) February 18, 2017

High-res of #Melbourne and all @Thom_astro images in @Flickr https://t.co/uyI4IJDsYM https://t.co/wHE0h3R7vy — ESA (@esa) February 18, 2017

Some old favourites…#FlashbackFriday pic.twitter.com/WtwspHPhwy — Tim Peake (@astro_timpeake) February 17, 2017

@PauliLaine thanks for sharing that nice piece of @ESA_History — ESA (@esa) February 18, 2017

Watch #GreekSpaceGen live https://t.co/9gYCrt978I https://t.co/Xx3QQlchPv — ESA (@esa) February 17, 2017

Hello to everyone at #GreekSpaceGen tonight in #Athens with @astro_luca , watch live https://t.co/9gYCrt978I — ESA (@esa) February 17, 2017

The Suez canal! The fact that these boats are visible from up here can only mean one thing: they're huge! https://t.co/L4Eechc7WS pic.twitter.com/OtjOppfsia — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) February 17, 2017