So much snow it looks like cream! Let’s tackle climate change and safeguard nature’s balance #SDGs @UNFCCC https://t.co/7orpW5rgAF pic.twitter.com/kryPTkqL4i — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 8, 2017

We need to support children around the globe, especially when climate change endangers their future! https://t.co/WXoWiHpBYk — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 8, 2017

Next #Vega mission is getting ready to help monitor the Earth’s environment: #Sentinel-2B arrives in French Guiana #Copernicus pic.twitter.com/qhdDYcTYWf — Copernicus EU (@CopernicusEU) January 8, 2017

The Great Barrier Reef: another natural jewel that we must protect. #GreatBarrierReef #Australia https://t.co/BRLXLu5MkV pic.twitter.com/8FKrRbvOWe — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 8, 2017

Normally faint and elusive, the Jellyfish Nebula is caught in this alluring telescopic mosaic. The scene is anchored below by bright star Eta Geminorum, at the foot of the celestial […]

On @Space_Station this week, powerful spacewalking duo & a look at space suit cooling. Watch: https://t.co/cUKVbVV6YG Q? Use #SpaceToGround pic.twitter.com/4BhHEjKSVQ — NASA (@NASA) January 7, 2017

Classmate and fellow #Shenanigans09 @Thom_astro will perform his first EVA next Friday. I'm looking forward to support him from the MCC! https://t.co/gSTljf5FNq — Luca Parmitano (@astro_luca) January 7, 2017

This was @AstroPeggy yesterday before her 7th spacewalk… The record for female astronauts! Proud of my fellow crewmate #womeninSTEM pic.twitter.com/0fa6X455iv — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 7, 2017

Returning inside @Space_Station from outer space we reverse the process: I was in charge of freeing my crewmates from their space armour! pic.twitter.com/bWhFh6Mhye — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 7, 2017

Moonset on January 1 is captured in this sea and night sky snapshot from the port city of New York. Its warm moonlight shining through haze and thin clouds, this […]