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Lights, camera action for testing satellites in space-like vacuum #TalkingTEC : https://t.co/hO2u6GdQF5 — ESA Technology (@ESA_Tech) October 14, 2016

@will_hayes_ you'll find us in #KSP — ESA (@esa) October 15, 2016

@StBuchwald thank you, keep following for #Marslanding — ESA (@esa) October 15, 2016

Europe's Daring #Mars Mission Prepares for Touchdown @ESA https://t.co/Dno6359PtN pic.twitter.com/IT5oGQRNif — SPACE.com (@SPACEdotcom) October 15, 2016

From separation to #Marslanding: what will happen to #ExoMars @ESA_TGO and @ESA_EDM in the coming days https://t.co/BnE4RJ3Z3H — ESA (@esa) October 15, 2016

Watch live coverage of #Exomars arrival at the Red Planet and @ESA_EDM Schiaparelli #marslanding 16 – 19 Oct https://t.co/xPVTf9CtZL pic.twitter.com/b45WN18OEj — ESA (@esa) October 14, 2016

ESA Astronaut @astro_timpeake arriving at the @spacecentre where he will shortly receive his honorary degree pic.twitter.com/v2lDyZNYrQ — Uni of Leicester (@uniofleicester) October 14, 2016

Get ready for next week's @ESA_EDM #MarsLanding & @ESA_TGO insertion into #Mars orbit with new #ExoMars media kit: https://t.co/YeJYsqqFKd pic.twitter.com/50EEe0BA8n — @ESA_ExoMars (@ESA_ExoMars) October 14, 2016

Submit your entry with @Arianespace on Instagram – and you could be on your way to watch an Ariane launch! https://t.co/9BKWhPsg4Y pic.twitter.com/DqaZEC6E4R — ESA (@esa) October 14, 2016

Separation to landing. Take a look at what will happen to @ESA_TGO and @ESA_EDM in the coming days #ExoMars https://t.co/qtzyKfkr7K — ESA (@esa) October 14, 2016