Congratulations to China on launch of #Shenzhou11 https://t.co/WacKcGNkHy — ESA (@esa) October 17, 2016

#ExoMars @ESA_TGOT orbit-raising manoeuvre at 02:42 GMT / 04:42 CEST raises trajectory to several hundred km above Mars https://t.co/brqP2Rff8D — ESA (@esa) October 17, 2016

One way signal travel time between me & Earth today (17 Oct) is 9m 38s, so you get news a little after it happens out here near #Mars! — ExoMars […]

Slew complete! @ESA_TGO now correctly oriented for the next big event: orbit-raising burn at 04:42CEST #ExoMars pic.twitter.com/na6JbpsjMc — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 17, 2016

Now: @ESA_ExoMars completing its slew into correct attitude for the critical orbit-raising manoeuvre set for 04:42CEST #ExoMars pic.twitter.com/TO2gt2xa0G — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 17, 2016

@Taraustralis @architectmark all you need to know about #ExoMars here https://t.co/mzKDQ8ymeK — ESA (@esa) October 16, 2016

LAUNCH UPDATE: Today's @OrbitalATK #Antares cargo launch to @Space_Station is postponed 24 hours. Details: https://t.co/sL7kIQo18u pic.twitter.com/YqtCBZN68W — NASA Social (@NASASocial) October 16, 2016

As @esa prepares to land on Mars. This stuff is hard! https://t.co/dk7AwLdDSJ — Peter King (@PeterKingCBS) October 16, 2016

.@ESA_EDM & me now travelling last 3 days to Mars separately. Schiaparelli will land while I'm entering orbit on 19 Oct #ExoMars pic.twitter.com/f8Pl4wcaNp — ExoMars orbiter (@ESA_TGO) October 16, 2016

#ExoMars Schiaparelli lander @ESA_EDM has separated and is on its way to #marslanding 19 Oct https://t.co/dfGfyPVRQO pic.twitter.com/LEwtOVSr11 — ESA (@esa) October 16, 2016