.@ESA_TGO solar arrays in "boost" position, to reduce the flexing once @ESA_EDM separation occurs #ExoMars pic.twitter.com/VEWwCQBuqD — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 16, 2016

AoS – @ESA_TGO signal received carrier only, acting as a beacon. Doppler shift will tell us about @ESA_EDM separation #ExoMars — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) October 16, 2016

@idariane @planet4589 you are hearing the spacecraft controllers direct from ESA operations, without commentary — ESA (@esa) October 16, 2016

LIVE now: Join us as #ExoMars @ESA_EDM separates from @ESA_TGO starting 3-day trip to #marslanding https://t.co/xPVTf9U5ol pic.twitter.com/nxKUzWZjml — ESA (@esa) October 16, 2016

"Both Schiaparelli and ExoMars/TGO are in good shape!" says @esa. Here's what they're trying to do today near Mars: https://t.co/70OH1nGdUQ pic.twitter.com/l8SIQaXfjo — NYT Science (@NYTScience) October 16, 2016

@EXA_ec @ESA_EDM @ESA_TGO thank you — ESA (@esa) October 16, 2016

#ExoMars @ESA_EDM separation from @ESA_TGO at 16:42 CEST. Watch LIVE from 16:30 CEST: https://t.co/xPVTf9U5ol https://t.co/24rWzKZwgT — ESA (@esa) October 16, 2016

In position for @ESA_EDM separation at 14:42 UT/16:42 CEST) : https://t.co/pKgdsQYrrr — ExoMars orbiter (@ESA_TGO) October 16, 2016

#ExoMars @ESA_EDM separates from @ESA_TGO for 3-day coast to #Mars at 14:42 GMT Live updates: https://t.co/BNbJTaUkB2 WATCH: 14:30 GMT pic.twitter.com/jMpz3ot0if — ESA (@esa) October 16, 2016