ESA’s Ministerial Council under way, opening & welcome by Swiss president @_BR_JSA, with 22 Member State delegations and ministers #ESACM16 — ESA (@esa) December 1, 2016

Living with Space 4.0 – #space for you #ESACM16 — ESA (@esa) December 1, 2016

@rjmlaird @UNOOSA Proposal summaries are on the #ESACM16 website: http://www/ — ESA (@esa) December 1, 2016

Today our Ministerial Council starts in Lucerne – details and proposals in our web special at: Follow #ESACM16 — ESA (@esa) December 1, 2016

What happened to this ship? It was carried aground by a giant storm that struck the coast of Argentina in 2002. The pictured abandoned boat, dubbed Naufragio del Chubasco, wrecked […]

A strange feeling. Looking at Earth and thinking what friends and family are doing. Hi #Paris and #France, you look beautiful! — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November 30, 2016

United Space in Europe – ESA Ministerial Council,Lucerne, 1-2 DecInfo: #ESACM16 — ESA (@esa) November 30, 2016

Had a fire in the office today. Then it depressurized. Then 5 systems failed in my space craft at same time. Happy this was a sim only… 😉 — […]

ESA Ministerial Council in Lucerne, 1-2 December – details in our #ESACM16 web special: — ESA (@esa) November 30, 2016