.@NASA_Orion's European service module: an international undertaking https://t.co/WtNrbCdPvW pic.twitter.com/Od9eccD29X — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) November 28, 2016

2000 European citizens took part in our Citizens' Debate #ESACD16: main findings & the future #yourESA https://t.co/6Yg9B06JZ7 pic.twitter.com/xPZgXLWvfL — ESA (@esa) November 28, 2016

VID: Human Spaceflight & Exploration priorities, being put forward at Ministerial Council #ESACM16 @ESAspaceflight https://t.co/GLPKjGvLh7 — ESA (@esa) November 28, 2016

We take good care of our health up here: @astro_kimbrough and @AstroPeggy performing eye exams in Node 2 👁 @ISS_Research pic.twitter.com/m3hwqyPVya — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November 28, 2016

@gbc123 @spacegovuk send to ESA Astronaut Centre @ESA_EAC, indicate that for Tim – https://t.co/SVLhpTn0KZ — ESA (@esa) November 28, 2016

ESA Ministerial Council 1-2 December 2016 in Lucerne, towards a United Space in Europe. Follow #ESACM16 https://t.co/gScoDXTMb2 — ESA (@esa) November 28, 2016

Night pass over #Egypt and the #Nile river, one of the most recognisable features of Earth at night. #Proxima https://t.co/Zk5XsgNjFH pic.twitter.com/5FPdhoak0j — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November 28, 2016

@spacegovuk @gbc123 please let us know where the items were sent to and we will chase it up — ESA (@esa) November 28, 2016

#Mars labyrinth – was there a former ocean within Utopia Planitia?@ESAscience IOW https://t.co/uehDseRbGA pic.twitter.com/NEjjbRlD20 — ESA (@esa) November 28, 2016