TEACHERS! If you can get Monday the 17th off there is a free #AstroPi teacher workshop at @STEMLearningUK in York https://t.co/mwEJxf5jWa — Astro Pi (@astro_pi) October 11, 2016

Testing technology for Schiaparelli's #MarsLanding, featuring drop tests, wind tunnels & explosive charges: https://t.co/RiObPzvskt #ExoMars pic.twitter.com/ATKgfA2N3V — ESA_Schiaparelli (@ESA_EDM) October 11, 2016

New Exhibition on lives of the astronauts opening at @CiteEspace 20 October #Toulouse https://t.co/y0W8VUQpFD — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

How fluids behave in weightlessness – #fluidics expt with @CNES_fr https://t.co/X9jEc1rxjQ pic.twitter.com/zIGkDct9PP — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

Congratulations to our #spotquiz winner – here's the full answerhttps://t.co/X9jEc1rxjQ https://t.co/NlcasxrtNu — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

#spotquiz This experiment features in our Human Spaceflight image of the week – what is it investigating? pic.twitter.com/eRRh9lmLIz — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

#EarthfromSpace special: @ESA_EO Director @AschbacherJosef talks about main focuses & challenges for ESA #EO https://t.co/5jvU7fuIkV — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016