Welcome back to Earth @astro_paolo! #ICYMI this morning's #Soyuz landing pic.twitter.com/ypBUJTLPJr — ESA (@esa) December 14, 2017

#WhereOnEarth was this satellite image captured? Guess the name of the LAKE in the top right corner of the image. The answer will be revealed tomorrow during #EarthFromSpace. pic.twitter.com/6N4ZI6dSzA — […]

Want to gain experience in the space sector? Do you have a recent master’s degree? Christina from Denmark talks about her experience as a #YGT at ESA #CareersAtESA Deadline 17 […]

#ICYMI Welcome home @astro_paolo @astrokomrade and @SergeyISS ! Replay of this morning's landing of #Exp53 crew pic.twitter.com/yVD5PWRdHz — ESA (@esa) December 14, 2017

PR: Günther Hasinger appointed as the next ESA Director of Science https://t.co/JjyZLskxFw pic.twitter.com/2EM35LSm7R — ESA (@esa) December 14, 2017

Video highlights from this morning's return to Earth for @astro_paolo, @AstroKomradeand @SergeyISS, after 139 days in space #VITAmission https://t.co/5U6dqKIvVv — ESA (@esa) December 14, 2017

Today, @ESA, acting on behalf of the @EU_Commission, signed #Copernicus Data & Information Access Service (#DIAS) contracts with 4 industrial consortia, making it easier to access @CopernicusEU data & information: […]