Congratulations to all finalists of #ZeroRobotics space tournament. Good game! @ESA__Education @ZeroRobotics #STEM — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) February 7, 2017

Fly your satellite! Chance for university students to fly your own cubesat with @ESA__education! #flyyoursatellite — ESA (@esa) February 7, 2017

@schingler Welcome to ESRIN! — ESA (@esa) February 7, 2017

Could the Gravity movie scenario happen? @ESAcleanspace works hard to ensure that it won't be the case: — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) February 7, 2017

@SpaceUp_FR @Kahouin download hires here: — ESA (@esa) February 7, 2017

Athens at night. Can you spot the Acropolis @AcropolisAthens? … and the airport @ATH_airport? @CityofAthens 🇬🇷 — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) February 6, 2017

The city of Cayenne, close to Kourou #Proxima — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) February 6, 2017

UNOOSA-ESA panel discussion on space technology and climate change now live at — UNOOSA (@UNOOSA) February 6, 2017

@DarrenMooney Landsat-5 image showing agricultural structures #Kansas – details here #myplanetfromspace — ESA (@esa) February 6, 2017