~1 hour until Falcon 9 launch of Dragon for its twelfth resupply mission to the @Space_Station. — SpaceX (@SpaceX) August 14, 2017

#Dragon liftoff set for 18:31 CEST/ 16:31 GMT today! https://t.co/V0667zVeXd — ESA (@esa) August 14, 2017

Seeing some shooting stars was difficult from here… But we made a wish anyway, right @Paxi_ESAKids ? What did you wish for? #Perseids2017 pic.twitter.com/lYz1tDrdwT — Paolo Nespoli (@astro_paolo) August 14, […]

If it helps, we won't be able to see it from Europe either – but we'll be following some online streams for sure! — ESA (@esa) August 14, 2017

Solar eclipses are #BusinessAsUsual for SOHO, which will provide context info for #Eclipse2017. The Sun #now: https://t.co/QzCXveAmvX pic.twitter.com/NeYVWd7K8y — ESA Science (@esascience) August 14, 2017

The peak is over, there should still be some visible tonight, although less frequent. Hoping for clear skies for you this time! — ESA (@esa) August 14, 2017

Our #imageoftheweek is by Proba-2 of Feb's annular eclipse (see #video); it will also see partial eclipses on 21 Aug https://t.co/XvbTPciqaO — ESA Science (@esascience) August 14, 2017

How will we observe next week's total #solareclipse? Find out more with the @esascience #IOTW –> https://t.co/WsU1wAgtH6 pic.twitter.com/0p3qRSLTBj — ESA (@esa) August 14, 2017