#spotquiz This experiment features in our Human Spaceflight image of the week – what is it investigating? pic.twitter.com/eRRh9lmLIz — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

#EarthfromSpace special: @ESA_EO Director @AschbacherJosef talks about main focuses & challenges for ESA #EO https://t.co/5jvU7fuIkV — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

Today at 14:00: #EarthfromSpace special with @AschbacherJosef, Director of @ESA_EO on future of Earth Observation https://t.co/Nj2f29f4bU pic.twitter.com/jmnu1r6Rnv — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

@jjmquesada HR are on the case, please be patient — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

#ExoMars video explains count down to @ESA_TGO – @ESA_EDM separation on Sunday! #mars https://t.co/irTD1Z7e3M — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

Connect with @Thom_astro as he counts down to #missionProxima launching in November https://t.co/bXBEhMAw7k https://t.co/6csYiB6ydp — ESA (@esa) October 11, 2016

11 Oct: 5 days until @ESA_EDM separation and 8 days until arrival and landing on #Mars! #ExoMars — ExoMars orbiter (@ESA_TGO) October 11, 2016