#SaveTheDate for 'Paradigm Shifts & Future Prospects in #EO', 11 May. Join the influencers discussing the #FutureEO: https://t.co/9Knf8fyjoD pic.twitter.com/yr0lUMxcpS — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) April 27, 2017

I’ll cover the US until @Astro2fish becomes a photo master too: Washington D.C., its Capitol & National Mall, the Obelisk and its shadow! 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/y0FVdhJQao — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) April […]

Our closest look ever at #Saturn’s atmosphere and giant hurricane. #GrandFinale https://t.co/giL0pulIEW pic.twitter.com/Qi3T2wSzc1 — CassiniSaturn (@CassiniSaturn) April 27, 2017

#WhereOnEarth was this image captured? The answer will be revealed tomorrow. Go to our @instagram page for a clue! https://t.co/5rwLWi96P7 pic.twitter.com/a5E7tjtVum — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) April 27, 2017

Happy #KingsDay – Prettige #koningsdag2017 #Nederland https://t.co/P2ly6Xca5h — ESA (@esa) April 27, 2017

Blogged: Why promote #diversity? https://t.co/6xuvvcr7uR pic.twitter.com/dZBI7MN0b0 — Jan Woerner (@janwoerner) April 27, 2017

An overview of the exciting #science that @CassiniSaturn is performing over the next 4.5 months: #GrandFinale https://t.co/Xuj6NcAZ3S https://t.co/u2hu8Oe33z — ESA (@esa) April 27, 2017

@_Ystenn_ @ESA_Tech @bbcdoctorwho Wirking on it 🚀 — ESA (@esa) April 26, 2017

#ESATech image of the week: Preparing ESA's Geos-1 magnetic-mapping satellite for launch, 40 years ago this month: https://t.co/dqyQupyYB7 pic.twitter.com/5qvBhjV5hq — ESA Technology (@ESA_Tech) April 26, 2017

How can a river produce such elaborate and beautiful shapes and color? Sometimes I want to drop my camera and just watch the beauty of Earth pic.twitter.com/NtvSE2UNdw — Thomas Pesquet […]