We need all kinds of skills @esa ! https://t.co/GeCVhln7Kw — ESA (@esa) November 16, 2016

L-2: 360 view of the Russian part of @Space_Station. This is just a mockup, soon I will be there for real! https://t.co/mAckyzRbCG pic.twitter.com/CIWScHi9EO — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November 15, 2016

#Sentinel2 Project Manager Francois Spoto says hello from the cleanroom pic.twitter.com/eRWlcEHmZ3 — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) November 15, 2016

Update from Kourou: Transfer of #Ariane5 #VA233 to the launch pad has been completed, more images later https://t.co/4yGeNZ5lBh — ESA (@esa) November 15, 2016

Join us again Thurs 17 Nov LIVE from 19:30 GMT for launch of @Thom_astro , @AstroPeggy & Oleg Novitsky #Proxima https://t.co/XFss0MPAug pic.twitter.com/ZUGIjE7Fqh — ESA (@esa) November 15, 2016

Watch the launch of 4 #Galileo sats aboard #Ariane5 #VA233, Thurs 17 Nov, LIVE from 12:36GMT, liftoff 13:06GMThttps://t.co/T6JkXrQGs2 pic.twitter.com/sk0beVfjHm — ESA (@esa) November 15, 2016

Media got a last look at #Sentinel2 today at ESTEC before it is packed up & shipped to Kourou for March 2017 launch https://t.co/7qIvr4FAHI pic.twitter.com/l8r5khxHZU — ESA (@esa) November 15, […]

Up close and personal with our #SoyuzMS03 rocket. Thanks @astro_paolo for these pictures! #Proxima pic.twitter.com/pFPhd8Skoa — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) November 15, 2016