#Luxembourg & @esa enhance cooperation on asteroid missions, space resources exploration & utilisation https://t.co/BbzFnLa1je @janwoerner pic.twitter.com/dJQbPFLMrI — Etienne Schneider (@EtienneSchneide) June 20, 2017

How can Ice Cubes help your space research? David Parker Dir @esaspaceflight explains #spacebourget #ParisAirShow https://t.co/I617VA6R3m — ESA (@esa) June 20, 2017

Visiting #GooglePlex to discuss what #Google's @earthoutreach users need to seamlessly convert data into action. #FutureEO in #SiliconValley pic.twitter.com/I1JLJ6PaHL — Josef Aschbacher (@AschbacherJosef) June 20, 2017

Gravitational wave detection mission LISA selected, exoplanet hunting mission PLATO moves forward. Full story: https://t.co/OcMbnXEiEm pic.twitter.com/OuZ5GJx64Y — ESA Science (@esascience) June 20, 2017

LISA will build on results of @ESA_LPF & @LIGO. Gravitational wave detection from space set to become reality. https://t.co/ZeGIzUs2Du pic.twitter.com/Swdlhdldo8 — ESA Science (@esascience) June 20, 2017

Replay: Pushing the limits – discussing the evolution of ESA and its programmes at #spacebourget #PAS17 https://t.co/f5Nw3SQgOe pic.twitter.com/DuofPqElWl — ESA (@esa) June 20, 2017

Introducing @ICECubesService, a cool new commercial way to run your experiment on the @Space_Station: https://t.co/acjHCTHgRN pic.twitter.com/cVDsN2SGkc — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) June 20, 2017