What's ahead for @Astro2fish & Fyodor today? Video: Journey to the ISS – #Soyuz launch sequence explained https://t.co/35ooIJwUYu — ESA (@esa) April 20, 2017

#Soyuz launch coverage also available via @roscosmos. Liftoff at 09:13 CEST. https://t.co/8lz5yrgyVi — ESA (@esa) April 20, 2017

Less than one hour to launch! https://t.co/d6JwT9QCWH — ESA (@esa) April 20, 2017

A day before its closest approach, asteroid 2014 JO25 was imaged by radar with the 70-meter antenna of NASA’s Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in California. This grid of 30 […]

#Soyuz launch to @Space_Station tomorrow am LIVE from 8:15 CEST, with liftoff scheduled at 09:13 CEST https://t.co/W0tpG0uMX9 — ESA (@esa) April 19, 2017

Watch live webcast Fri 21 April 11-13:00CEST: findings from #SpaceDebris2017 conference https://t.co/BK6416TjnW Questions via #askesa pic.twitter.com/G63tgTBHIJ — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) April 19, 2017