#Ariane5, operated by @Arianespace, has delivered Sky Brasil-1 & Telkom-3S into their planned orbits https://t.co/28W72oItnO pic.twitter.com/hgKFrfE7am — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

@MacsInSpace @arianespace will post the replay shortly – we won't tell you the result ; ) — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

#Ariane5 has lifted off from French Guiana! Safe travels to our heavy-lift launcher and both passengers, SKY Brasil-1 and Telkom 3S pic.twitter.com/dGOGtF9OFv — Stéphane Israël (@arianespaceceo) February 14, 2017

Lift off for #Ariane5 #VA235 https://t.co/sbFsVjA0vR pic.twitter.com/9EJ0A44WqC — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

LIVE now: Watch launch of #VA235 #GoAriane5 https://t.co/sbFsVjA0vR https://t.co/FiCMZX1cWd — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

LIVE now: Tune in for launch of #VA235 #GoAriane5 https://t.co/sbFsVjA0vR https://t.co/HMK8FnGjsL — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

Europe's Spaceport seen from space by @Thom_astro – tune in for #Ariane5 #VA235 LIVE on @Arianespace from 21:34 GMT https://t.co/6NbQXJTXtr https://t.co/FpIbByWaoX — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

The launch window for Flight #VA235 opens in one hour! Stay tuned – the live broadcast will begin soon at: https://t.co/8rkaTfMDH2 pic.twitter.com/5BpTnMbddX — Arianespace (@Arianespace) February 14, 2017

Ready to explore the Andromeda Galaxy after intense 2-day @esa training! Thx @xSqueeZie @TheGrefgYT @janedouglas @SteffanPowell @kessemak2 pic.twitter.com/Nrs2RFoiiY — ESA Astronaut Centre (@ESA_EAC) February 14, 2017