@GTulerman @Pesterenan @Arianespace @ATT @TelkomIndonesia 1 hour to go now 21:39 GMT/UTC — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

Watch live in an hour – launch of #Ariane5 #VA235 with SKY Brasil-1 and Telkom 3S https://t.co/sbFsVjA0vR pic.twitter.com/wam3ZWQInR — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

Beautiful at night as well as during the day – you know what they say… all roads lead to #Rome https://t.co/E4Z3zKURKX pic.twitter.com/wdC0GMljEI — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) February 14, 2017

This heart-shaped lake… #Valentinesday has struck again 😉 /Un lac en forme de ❤️️ !#Proximahttps://t.co/84l1iTfyWT pic.twitter.com/9LVQMJOMtc — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) February 14, 2017

Today #Ariane5 will embark on a mission for two major regional operators: @ATT and @TelkomIndonesia. Launch window opens at 21h39 UTC. pic.twitter.com/LuTzfTeBU0 — Arianespace (@Arianespace) February 14, 2017

Venice, city of gondoliers and the lovers they carry along the canals. Happy #ValentinesDay! https://t.co/PUfgxXsw5y #Proxima pic.twitter.com/DPvxOnvX7q — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) February 14, 2017

Glaciology and ornithology in #Antarctica. Last days of @didier_schmitt's visit to the white continent. #blog https://t.co/SOxn8ER7LU pic.twitter.com/LFwVqxrR4U — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) February 14, 2017

How river authorities in #Romania can now monitor ice and other navigational impediments in the #Danube from spacehttps://t.co/6p9fB2si25 pic.twitter.com/juyRlRqOtH — ESA ARTES (@esa_artes) February 14, 2017

Congrats to @Thom_astro with over 1 million likes and followers on @facebook: https://t.co/e4XnlNEGk7 pic.twitter.com/ODAAnGdJO9 — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017

#AsteroidDay is of course 30 June! Watch today's press briefing live at 14:30 CET https://t.co/VlMIYYWhxi — ESA (@esa) February 14, 2017