Just one of the top 10 discoveries made by #Huygens on Titan – seehttps://t.co/k6eH6BHnbQ https://t.co/Kk9qABZUqK — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

@psutympany 72 mins exceeded expectations, data sent back via @CassiniSaturn – more on #Huygens discoveries here https://t.co/k6eH6BHnbQ — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

@cosmos4u we'll ask @esaoperations experts — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

#OTD #Huygens landing on Titan More behind the scenes info in @esaoperations #rocketscience blog https://t.co/rZ0iTupyNR pic.twitter.com/MZwZAPVPcV — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

#Huygens transmitted from Titan’s surface for ~72mins before contact lost w/ @CassiniSaturn. First colour view #OTD https://t.co/8NqXvMDHYm pic.twitter.com/hcet0wlS2F — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

A tense wait @esaoperations …then confirmation ithat #Huygens is alive on Titan! #OTD 14 Jan 2005 – Listen https://t.co/JawiRSzQcw pic.twitter.com/fqzEGyeeGL — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

Touchdown! Huygens probe lands on Saturn's moon Titan at 11:38 UT #OTD in 2005! #huygens https://t.co/TC0RelRYGM — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

@hastroparr those sinister looking bags are helmet covers when the suits are not in use — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

Images from yesterday's #spacewalk by @Thom_astro and @astro_kimbrough now in our gallery https://t.co/wT4ytrBRrl pic.twitter.com/9Fo3w4JvTW — ESA (@esa) January 14, 2017

This is what a spacewalk is: 400km of void under your feet https://t.co/n8DlOvgi6L #Proxima pic.twitter.com/aV4UugPwCr — Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 14, 2017