@joannekarma @Thom_astro @Space_Station Check French media – this call was for M6 and Europe 1. — ESA (@esa) January 11, 2017

@Litsas This is a recording from NASA with instantaneous translation. Check French media (M6 & Europe 1) for possible French version. — ESA (@esa) January 11, 2017

.@Thom_astro spoke to French media today about life on the @Space_Station and about Friday's #spacewalk. Replay… https://t.co/RaeI3aRlmS — ESA (@esa) January 11, 2017

.@Thom_astro is getting ready for his first #spacewalk on Friday. Here's how he trained for this moment. #Proximahttps://t.co/bCzEF0amj8 — ESA (@esa) January 11, 2017

Watch #spacewalk 13 Jan with @Thom_astro and @astro_kimbrough live from 10:30 GMT https://t.co/khVhRib5Cz pic.twitter.com/OedCiQK939 — ESA (@esa) January 11, 2017

Concordia base extends now over 10 km2!@AirbusDS @esa @Space_Station @AntarcticReport #ConcordiaChronicles pic.twitter.com/R5Ml3BTSH7 — Didier Schmitt (@didier_schmitt) January 11, 2017

Overview of @Thom_astro and @astro_kimbrough's Friday #spacewalk on the #Proxima #blog. Will you be watching live? https://t.co/ywMXLeBwhx pic.twitter.com/V4secpSJLW — Human Spaceflight (@esaspaceflight) January 11, 2017

#ESATech image of week: MetOp-C payload module arrived for testing at ESA's technical heart #ESTEC https://t.co/dMmtK88rHD pic.twitter.com/7a4jmwxdjB — ESA Technology (@ESA_Tech) January 11, 2017

@AusAndgie7 @alejandro_sela @janwoerner watch this space 🚀🌍 — ESA (@esa) January 11, 2017

Saving the best for last! @astro_timpeake https://t.co/gn602hlsUx — ESA (@esa) January 11, 2017